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Amazing Ha Long

Most impressive places in Ha Long


Beautiful bays

Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay has hundreds of big and small islands, many of which are large and inhabited. This is an attractive destination because of its diverse marine eco-tourism including beaches, caves, etc. It also has Bai Tu Long National Park with its unique flora and fauna.

Lan Ha Bay

It is located in the south of Ha Long Bay with over 400 islands, all of which have interesting shapes and are covered with trees. With a cool climate all year round, this place is known as a “hidden paradise” because the beauty of the bay could be similar to Ha Long Bay, but people have just given the attention to it recently.

Lovely islands

Soi Sim Island

Soi Sim Island has an area of about 8.7 ha, located in the west of Ha Long Bay. It has a primeval forest with a rich variety of plants. Interestingly, there are many Rhodomyrtus tomentosa trees (called Sim in Vietnamese) grow on this island, and that is the reason why it was named as “Soi Sim”. In addition, Soi Sim Beach with a beautiful view, white sand and emerald sea water attracts a lot of tourists every year.

Tuan Chau Island

This island is located in the north-west of Ha Long Bay. It has natural hills, artificial beaches and a big entertainment park. Visitors never run out of interesting things to do on this island (for example: hiking, sunbathing, windsurfing, etc.). Thus, Tuan Chau Island is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ha Long.

Co to island

Co To Island attracts visitors with its breathtaking nature. It is a great place for people to escape from the busy life. This stunning island used to inspire many poets and musicians. Along with that, the coral reefs under its transparent blue sea has stimulated many people’s curiosity and they can’t help exploring its beauty.

Quan Lan Island

It is located 55km from Ha Long city. Its white sandy beaches and green forests have never failed to attract visitors. Besides, there are many remarkable historic buildings on this island, such as Quan Lan Commnual house complex, which was recognized as a National Historic Relic in 1990.

Ti Top Island

Located in a prime location in the middle of the Bay, Ti Top Mountain has about 400 steps leading from the beach to the top viewing tower. This is the place for visitors to admire the beauty of Ha Long Bay at different altitudes. Although there are many boats anchoring here, Ti Top Mountain is still a destination that is considered as a quiet place with a refreshing and wonderful view of the Bay.

Stunning caves

Sung Sot Cave

Considered one of the “legendary” tourist destinations, this place is the most famous cave in Halong Bay. Its 100 stone steps open the entrance to different spaces with the splendid colorful lights that overwhelm visitors. The deepest part of the cave is called the “royal garden”, where you can find a clear pond with extremely rich flora and fauna.

Dau Go cave

This cave is said to be the largest limestone cave in Ha Long. It is truly a cave of wonders. As soon as you step into the cave, you will see all the wonderful details which the artistic photos of many photographers have captured and they definitely make many tourists bewildered. The lights reflected from the stalactite with vibrant colors that will give you a feeling that you were in paradise.

Charming beaches

Bai Chay Beach

Located along the coast of Ha Long Bay with a long beach, fine white sand and clear blue water, Bai Chay is considered a paradise for tourists and travelers. There are also has many bars and hotels around. It is an awesome place that has good things to offer for everyone.

Ba Trai Dao Beach

This beautiful beach is famous in Ha Long Bay. It is about 22km southeast of Bai Chay Tourist Port, near Cat Ba Island. This beach is known for being clean, wild, and charming. However, it is only accessible for swimming and bathing for 2-3 hours a day and when the tide gets high, the whole sandy area is submerged.

Useful tours and services

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