Breathtaking Sapa

Amazing places to see in Sapa


How long  should you stay in Sapa?

3 days 2 nights will be enough for the key activities.

You can book a homestay in Sapa and a bus to go there from Hanoi.


On Fansipan, the temperature is rather low, especially during the winter. The sun goes down quite early. The best time to see the sunset is 3-5 p.m. If you don’t need to see the sunset, you could go there earlier.

The clouds in the afternoon are much better than in the morning. It’s extremely beautiful. Still, you should check the weather app on your phone in advance.

You could climb from the cable car stop to the mountain peak. You will definitely have a chance to enjoy the view of our gorgeous mountains. Your heart could pound hard and your legs will be tired when you arrive at the top. Yet, you will love that feeling and want to feel more. The magical scenery is there.

Besides, you should bring your food along.

You could buy a cable car ticket here (just 29 US dollars).

Ta Phin Village

The food is very delicious. Taking a bath with the Dao’s Herb is special as well. You might see some children there. They pick each medicinal herb cooked in the pot of bath medicine to show the visitors. Also, you can visit the Dao’s House, which has 3 kitchens and 3 doors with their own functions. People that go there often buy a small bag (50 000 VND ~ 2.5 USD) and give tips to the seller (15-20 000 VND ~ 1 USD), then he/she will tell a lot about the village and the culture.

O Quy Ho Pass

It’s not as high as Fansipan but steeper. It takes just 5 minutes to climb there. Its beautiful scenes captivate people. If possible, you should go there on the weekdays as there will be fewer people there. You can take amazing pictures on this mountain. Down the slope, there is a man who sells “Green Rice” (com lam), barbecue and smoked buffalo meat. The stall is very crowded. It is on the right side when going down. Food is cheap, and it normally costs 5 USD for 3 people.

Nightlife in Sapa

You should go to the cafe shops around the town center, which is fun and bustling. Kafa and Coong are both worth trying.

Useful tours and services

If you would like to find a tour or a service to make it easier and more convenient for your trip to Sapa, you could have a look at our list below (it may contain some affiliate links):

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