• Ninh Binh

    Beautiful Ninh Binh

    Best places to see in Ninh Binh   Bai Dinh Pagoda This is located in Ninh Binh and has many things that set records in Vietnam, Southeast Asia and Asia. It is simply huge and splendid. Firstly, its statue of Bodhisattva is the biggest one of the country. Also, the statue of Thich Ca Buddha there is the highest and heaviest Buddha statue in Vietnam. Besides, it has the biggest well of God. In addition, other buildings and statues in Bai Dinh are extremely impressive. All of these make the pagoda famous and attract many visitors. People not only come here to pray but also to admire the beautiful sceneries.…

  • Destinations

    Attractive Da Nang

    Must-see places in Da Nang   Marble Mountains There are five marble mountains that are named after the five elements: Metal (Kim), Wood (Moc), Water (Thuy), Fire (Hoa), Earth (Tho). They are located in the south of Da Nang. Several Buddhist pagodas are around this area. Also, visitors can spend time exploring the caves here. Thuy Son is open to visitors who can go there on the stairway of 156 steps to the top of the mountain and enjoy a great view from there. Linh Ung Pagoda – Son Tra Peninsula This is the largest one of the three Linh Ung pagodas in Da Nang. It has the most impressive…

  • phu quoc

    Charming Phu Quoc

    Best places to visit in Phu Quoc   Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc is a huge amusement park. It has an outdoor water park, an aquarium, arcade centers, and a shopping street. There is also many options when it comes to food for everyone. Visitors always have an exciting time there. Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc It is considered as the largest wildlife conservation park in Vietnam. It is located in Long Beach area. It has up to 150 animal species and 1200 botanical species. You will definitely have a memorable experience at this place learning a lot about the animals and the nature. Phu Quoc Prison Museum…

  • Ha Long Bay

    Amazing Ha Long

    Most impressive places in Ha Long   Beautiful bays Bai Tu Long Bay Bai Tu Long Bay has hundreds of big and small islands, many of which are large and inhabited. This is an attractive destination because of its diverse marine eco-tourism including beaches, caves, etc. It also has Bai Tu Long National Park with its unique flora and fauna. Lan Ha Bay It is located in the south of Ha Long Bay with over 400 islands, all of which have interesting shapes and are covered with trees. With a cool climate all year round, this place is known as a “hidden paradise” because the beauty of the bay could…

  • sapa

    Breathtaking Sapa

    Amazing places to see in Sapa   How long  should you stay in Sapa? 3 days 2 nights will be enough for the key activities. You can book a homestay in Sapa and a bus to go there from Hanoi. Fansipan On Fansipan, the temperature is rather low, especially during the winter. The sun goes down quite early. The best time to see the sunset is 3-5 p.m. If you don’t need to see the sunset, you could go there earlier. The clouds in the afternoon are much better than in the morning. It’s extremely beautiful. Still, you should check the weather app on your phone in advance. You could…